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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Design Anthropology

Fuck me! I think I might have found the starting point for what I've been looking for!

This website is not necessarily meaningful in content, but I am pretty sure this is the best ÀH-HA moment I`ve had in a while, as I struggle to understand how to pursue my interests full-time, professionally and academically. Seriously this website is of no use to me personally, except for the fact that the grouping of DESIGN and ANTHROPOLOGY both take place. Form and function.

Form and function. Communication is DESIGNED with an adapted form that is best suited for its function - hence affect-induction communication. This is why I even CARE about anthropology. I am interested in how communication is fundamentally adapted, designed and transmitted. I am on to something. I know I`m going to find it - because I`m looking in all the right places.

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