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Monday, March 29, 2010

Ann Demeulemeester Shop by Mass Studies

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"Mass Studies recently finished the design of Ann Demeulemeester Shop in the Seoul’s Gangnam district, Korea.

The building is comprised of one subterranean level and three floors above. The Ann Demeulemeester Shop is located on the first floor, with a restaurant above and a Multi-Shop in the basement.

The proposal is an attempt to incorporate as much nature as possible into the building within the constrains of a low-elevation, high-density urban environment. The building defines its relationship between natural/artificial and interior/exterior as an amalgamation, rather than a confrontation.

This building is meant to be a synthetic organism of nature and artifice."

I don't buy this concept - because I just loved how contrasting this style was when compared to the Ann Demeulemeester turbo neo-goth style. I'll post pictures of her clothing later. I just liked the contrast, but apparently it was supposed to be more of a 'green' feel. Whatever - I don't care. This is a sweet fucking shop.

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