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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mary Katrantzou

I am really into the digital print dress trend right now. I try REALLY hard to avoid magazines that dictate 'rad fashion trends' and I generally try to go with I feel good in or for pieces that genuinely feel thoughtful. This design appeals to me because although it is bright, and vibrant, the aesthetic is still very dark. Like a goth kid falling into a pool of glitter and neon paint. These dresses are stimulating, colourful and adrenaline for your skin. Mary Katarantzou is one of my new favourite designers. I would totally wear most of these looks anytime, anyday - this reminds me; I have decided to dress exactly how I want to dress. No qualms about excess. I love gawdy jewllery, bright prints, asymetrical anything and wearing black in the summer time and boots when it's not winter. No more keeping it simple.
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