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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Luzinterruptus Collective

From Broken City Lab: "Luzinterruptus is a Madrid-based light art intervention collective. They’ve done some really large-scale works in streets around the world, this project, Garden for a not too distant future, being one of their most recent."

I came across this a couple of days ago, and was really struck by the colour scheme. Like miniature Emerald Cities. Also I love that this installation should be experienced at night. I love that is was placed somewhere really barren and uninteresting. I wish I came across things like this more often. The reality is, I think I need to turn myself 'on', so I can see these 'things' as they appear. What a simple and stunning intervention.

Via: http://luzinterruptus.com/ and http://www.brokencitylab.org/blog/interrupted-light-luzinterruptus/
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